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Nejmeh Square, Conservation Area
Downtown, Beirut

Phone Number.

Phone: (961) 1 980 660
Fax: (961) 1 980 661



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Forgiveness is an expression of tolerance and love... Without forgiveness friendships end, love terminates, and eventually the beauty of life ceases to refine our senses...

(Lebanese Student, May 1998)

The Vision.

A garden in which people can gather strength and inspiration, a place for calm reflection and individual introspection; a sanctuary accessible to all, nurturing sentiments of peace, joy and healing.

The Concept.

Forgiveness is an essential key to reconstruction and rehabilitation. Without it, the impressive projects underway may well be eclipsed by the same forces which razed their predecessors.

The Site.

Ensconced between archaeological relics and religious edifices, the garden's 20,000 sq m will come to symbolize a unique cultural and historical heritage particular to Lebanon. The site's historic layers date back to the Hellenistic period, with successive layers of Roman, Byzantine, Umayyad, Mamluk and Ottoman in evidence as well.